How the story begins.

The responsible choice starts with the farmer.
We care about our planet and the future of our children and grandchildren. Just as you do. We believe that by taking small steps we can contribute to a better world in many ways. We want to do this together with you and with Eat&Care. Eat&Care is good for the world, good for you, and it's delicious! Every Eat&Care product that you buy in your local supermarket contributes to a better future for our planet.

Responsible growing

We are proud to grow our pineapples under Rainforest Alliance. This is such a big reward for our effort in sustainable growing.

Grower, Costa Rica

The story grows.

Small plants grow bigger until they have grown enough for harvesting and packaging so they will be available for you in the supermarket
All fruit and vegetables in the shops with the Eat&Care label are grown under sustainable conditions in various parts of the world, such as the pineapples from Costa Rica and limes from Mexico. Our melon and pineapple growers in Central America are even the first in the world who may use the Rainforest Alliance logo. So, you see, we can offer you a tasty opportunity to contribute to improving the condition of the earth. Our limes are Fairtrade certified, so that with each lime you buy, you are contributing to the social conditions in the country of origin. We are expanding the Eat&Care product range all the time. We consciously take small steps so we can be certain of making the right choices to develop the label sustainably. And with all these small steps, it is our goal to contribute to the future of our planet, together with you. A small step for man, a giant step for the future of the world.

Responsible packaging

The story travels.

In addition to sustainable cultivation, we also feel a huge responsibility when it comes to the packaging and transport. Where possible, Eat&Care products are packed in biodegradable material.
In addition to sustainable cultivation, we also feel a huge responsibility when it comes to the packaging and transport. Where possible, Eat&Care products are packed in biodegradable material. The standards for packaging differ per product. We endeavour to transport our products as efficiently as possible from our sources to your local supermarket. This means, for instance, that we cut the crowns off the pineapples so we can transport as many pineapples as possible per cubic metre; the containers only contain pineapples, the grower hangs on to the foliage, which is then be composted and used to enrich the soil. 

I want to give my children and grandchildren a better environmental future, that’s why I chose Eat&Care.

Ella Mae

How to recognize in the shop?

The story sells.

Eat&Care is introduced for specially selected supermarkets in Europe. Find your store and contribute together to a better future for our planet with less plastic and food waste.
We have introduced Eat&Care for those supermarkets in Europe who, like us, believe in taking small steps towards a better future for the planet. These are companies who have clear objectives regarding sustainability and with whom we can strive for a wider range of Eat&Care produce. We are looking forward to working together and contributing to a brighter future for our grandchildren, with less plastic, more efficient transport solutions and less waste. Find the supermarket close to your home.

The story continues.

We hope you enjoyed our story. Enjoy your meal!
As we have already mentioned, we will allow the Eat&Care label to grow in small steps so we can select the best products from the right growers. We have ambitious goals which we hope to achieve together with you. Making one different choice each day contributes considerably to the larger movement, from consumer to grower, to offer the world a better future. Start today with your choice for Eat&Care limes, pineapples or French beans. Together, let's opt for delicious food, share this together and collaborate to care for our future. Join Eat&Care. It’s in our nature.

We care for our planet. It's in our nature.

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