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In 2015, our melon growing company in Costa Rica received the Rainforest Alliance certificate for sustainable melon cultivation. It was the first RFA certificate for melon growers in Costa Rica.

When these melons reach the shops, their flavour is almost at its best, so when you get them home, they are fully ripe and ready for you to enjoy the best sun-ripened melon, 12 months a year.


In 2015, our melon growing company in Costa Rica received the Rainforest Alliance sustainability certificate for melon and watermelon cultivation. Obtaining the certificate was a Costa Rica first. Cultivating melons and watermelons is intensive, and because of the short production cycle, requires a great deal of attention and expertise. If the plants are not properly cared for during cultivation, this may result in irreparable damage to the environment. 

The Rainforest Alliance sustainability certificate means that our melon cultivation meets the sustainable standards. Our grower in Costa Rica manages the production to protect wildlife; to safeguard the soil and waterways; to reduce the use of chemicals; to protect employees, their families and local communities, and to improve their standard of living.


‘People are our greatest asset’

The Rainforest Alliance certificate also guarantees social aspects for the employees.  In addition to the social aspects, the ecological aspects of the certificate are also very important. During and following cultivation, no damage to the environment or nature may occur. The certification process has helped local farmers to understand the importance of sustainable production and the role that they can play in this.

Every time you buy one of our Rainforest Alliance certified melons, you are making a contribution to improving sustainable standards for the environment, to protecting the ecosystem, and to help improve local working conditions. Thank you very much!

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