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Within the Eat&Care range, we only offer pineapples with the Rainforest Alliance certificate. This means that our pineapples grow according the high social and environmental standards required by the Rainforest Alliance quality label.

The pineapple is a tropical fruit that was first discovered in 1493. In those days eating fresh pineapple was considered an exceptional luxury. That has changed over the years. And thanks to the modest calorie count, the lack of fat, and the high level of vitamin C, pineapple is still immensely popular.


While we were setting up our Eat&Care product range, it turned out that our sustainable ambitions go much further. Making the logistics processes more sustainable is also an important priority area, because our products often have to travel many kilometres. And so we wanted to know how we could transport the produce as efficiently and ecologically as possible. The introduction of pineapples without crown is a good example. This simple and sustainable adjustment after harvest means that we transport more weight per packaging unit and less empty space. This reduces the ecological footprint per pineapple.

It transpired that even more sustainability improvements could be made in the logistics chain. In 2015, in addition to the traditional packaging, we introduced IFCO folding crates to the pineapple trade. By using reusable containers we are also contributing to the sustainability of the logistics process.

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